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What are the benefits of walnuts?

what are the benefits of walnuts?

Improve metabolism. B vitamins improve metabolism, keep excess weight off and keep you looking beautiful and healthy.

Improve brain function. Walnuts have more omega-3’s than any other nuts. These fats have a positive effect on the brain’s mental activity.

Fight stress. Folic acid and B vitamins, which are rich in walnuts, have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, helping to cope with stress and depression. Walnuts relieve nervous tension, fights insomnia.

Improve the condition of the skin. The benefits of walnut oil are invaluable for delicate, sensitive and irritated skin. It puts it in order: moisturizes, eliminates flaking, soothes. Walnut oil is an excellent remedy for hair restoration.

Revitalize. 100 g of walnuts are equal to about 650 kcal in nutrition, which is slightly less than 100 g of butter and slightly more than 100 g of chocolate.

They are useful in various diseases. It is useful to use walnuts in the diet for various diseases: heart disease, diabetes, constipation, psoriasis, atherosclerosis, gout. But beforehand it is worth consulting a doctor.

For two weeks, nuts store well at room temperature. They need to be taken out of the plastic bag so that they don’t spoil there. If you put the nuts in an airtight glass container and put them in a dry, dark place, they will keep for up to two months.

In a glass airtight container in the refrigerator nuts are preserved up to six months, in the freezer in a plastic bag – up to a year.

Green nuts can’t be stored, but you can make jam or tincture from them for the winter.

The usefulness of jam from walnuts is slightly lower than from fresh nuts, because when boiled they are subjected to heat treatment and lose some of the useful substances. But jam is useful for people with heart, kidney, liver problems, because the young walnut peel contains a large amount of iodine. The main thing is not to make jam too sweet.

If you do not like sweet, you can prepare a tincture. The benefit of tincture on walnut septum lies in the tannins. Tincture can be drunk with colds, cardiovascular diseases and joint diseases, hypothyroidism.

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