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Our Story


Dalinuts is a leading supplier of nuts and dried fruits in Poland. The company dates back to 2012, when the founders of the company started in this industry, working in Georgia, Lithuania and Belarus. And in 2022 they opened a company in Poland  


The founders of the company are two brothers, Valentin and Konstantin, who realized from childhood that the most valuable thing in life is family. But in their work they were always guided by the principles of “offer the best for yourself and your family to your clients”. 
So family values are reflected in the attitude to business, in particular, the name of the company is formed from the names of siblings and godchildren of the founders of the company (Dana and Ilya). Besides, if you read it backwards by syllables, you will get Lida, which is the name of the mother of the company’s founders. 
Well, and Nuts, translated from English, means “Nuts” – the main product that Dalinuts is engaged in supplying. 
It is extremely symbolic that the birthday of Dalinuts – 22.07.2022 – coincided with the birthday of the wife of one of the founders of the company. 
Since companies in this industry are opened for a long time, for the future welfare of families and children, everything that the employees of the companies do is done with great love, for the benefit of consumers and for future generations.


The Dalinuts logo – a walnut tree – deserves special attention.

It symbolizes the family values that are at the head of the company.
Besides, many nuts are known to grow on trees.
The branches of the tree on the logo symbolize the very essence of the business, a huge number of different products, business directions, numerous sales channels (wholesale, retail internet).


In his time, Hippocrates asserted, “We are what we eat”. The great physician was of the opinion that human diseases are the result of nutritional disorders. According to the teachings of Hippocrates, with proper nutrition, the body works properly, as it is formed from the elements that enter it, acquiring the properties of these elements. 

That is why it is important to choose quality foods. And if we talk about nuts and dried fruits, they are not only useful, but also delicious. Without them it is impossible to imagine a complete diet of a modern person. 

Dalinuts has its own hazelnut production in Georgia. And since 2023 also in Uzbekistan (raisins, apricots, prunes). The company is proud of its approach to business, and chooses only the highest quality products from reliable suppliers who share the company’s values, principles and policies regarding quality products. That’s why when you choose Dalinuts products, you can be sure that they are environmentally friendly, of the highest quality, free from impurities and rot. 

So what is the secret to Dalinuts' success?

Is it vast experience or family values and unity? Is it carefully selected suppliers or high quality product? Or maybe staff who take pride in what they do?

Probably in the optimal balance of all of the above factors.

We are always open for cooperation and would love to share our values with you!